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Zach is amazing. He is patient with us, provides timely and sometimes emergency services, is very knowledgeable, professional, and is reasonable considering all you get from him.

Denise R.


Zach took care of everything from a computer issue for an employee to setting up a network in a new office - all while being fast and reliable at all times.

Barney P.

Mid America

Zach came today and helped me fix all the annoying techy things that seem to go wacko once in a while. He reset my wifi for my printers, scanners and fax, he set up my Netflix on my T.V. to make it easier for me to get in, he fixed my old Wii game system to play again on HD TV and showed me how to use my new Surface on my tv and other fun ways to make use of all the information sources I have. He told me what items to buy at the computer store for enhanced service and replacement cords. All things I don’t know how to do or what I need or where to get it. He did this all with an easy going manner and not judging me, for not being “techy”. LOL! I still do things old school like talk to people face to face when I want to tell them something. Crazy huh! I highly recommend his service!

Pat C.

Residential Customer

Zach was referred to us by our Financial Adviser many years ago. Goodwin Benefits Group is a small, independent insurance agency specializing in small group employee benefits, individual health insurance and Medicare Supplements. We maintain a significant amount of personal information about our clients and their employees, information that is subject to the requirements of HIPAA. Zach is the one who developed our security system and who implemented our Disaster Recovery Plan. We couldn’t have done it without his expertise and support.

When we relocated our offices in 2010 Zach handled all of the technology requirements, including hardware and software applications. He continues to be our go-to person when we have updates to make or experience technology problems. Quick to respond and efficient in his work, Zach can always be depended on to resolve our issues. I would recommend Tech Pros to any small business who doesn’t have qualified internal staff.

We like Zach so much that when we moved to a new home last year, he was the one who did all the planning and installation all of our home systems, including media.

Carolyn G.


I have had the pleasure of working with Zach over the past few years. Zach is very good at his profession and has helped me on many occasions. He is always available to assist!

Darren L.

Mid America

Zach is an IT expert and a true professional. I have worked on many IT/Voice/Data projects over the years with Zach. He is detailed oriented and very passionate about his work. He works extremely hard to exceed expectations. He is trustworthy and reliable.

Rosemary F.


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